2021 iPad Pro Refresh And AirTags Are Reputedly Due A March 2021 Release

Apple plans to unveil the AirTags and its 2021 iPad Pro refresh, according to new reports. Possibly launching simultaneously, rumours about the pair have been circulating for months.

Jon Prosser rose to popularity last year with his claims about upcoming Apple hardware releases, and now the YouTuber and Twitter personality claims to have the inside track on the release of the iPad Pros and the long-awaited AirTags.

According to Prosser, Apple plans to announce both next month, although it is unclear if the company plans to launch them simultaneously. These could well be educated guesses, in our opinion.

On the one hand, Apple announced the iPad Pro 2020 series in March 2020, so it is not much of stretch to suggest that their successors will debut a year later. It is worth emphasising that Apple, typically, leaves 18 months between iPad Pro releases, not 12 months. Hence, a June 2021 announcement would seem more likely, based on past iPad Pro releases. Additionally, Prosser claimed in March 2020 that 5G iPad Pros would be coming ‘towards the end of this year [2020], which never happened. You can read about more concrete iPad Pro 2021 leaks here.

Similarly, Prosser asserted in September 2020 that Apple would unveil AirTags at a hardware event that month. When that did not transpire, Prosser insisted that they would arrive in March 2021, instead. Apple tends not to make hardware announcements before March, so this could well be another educated guess for the Front Page Tech founder.

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