5 Methods to Fix Storage Space Running Out in Android

Not able to install new app in your android phone. Because you are facing this “Storage Space Running Out” or this “Insufficient Storage” kind of error message.

This kind of problem related to phone memory. Here we need to understand the difference between two type of phone memories.

RAM (Random Access Memory)
ROM (Read Only Memory)
Free RAM storage required for any mobile phone to work properly. RAM requires when you perform some tasks on your mobile like editing an image with app.

This memory is different from phone storage, which is your phone’s internal or external storage.

RAM is temporary memory while ROM is permanent memory.

ROM is the storage memory on which you can store data. It is phone’s internal storage.

The problem related to new app installtion or phone camera not able to take picture or make video deals with internal storage(ROM).

While app stops working in between, phone got hanged etc. problems deals with RAM.

Some people recommend that clear cache will make more RAM storage, which is a temporary solution.

There are also some apps to increase RAM size from ROM but technically that is not possible.

So here to fix storage space running out problem we will work on both temporary and permanent solutions.

We will see how you can save RAM space and remove unnecessary files for more internal storage.

Methods to Solve Storage Space Running Out Error

Clear Cache
Clearing cache is the quickest solution for problems related to memory.

You can clear app cache of individual apps. There is an option to clear whole phone cache at once in older OS than Android 8.0 Oreo.

To clear phone cache follow these:

Step 1: Open phone setting and go to storage.

Step 2: Tap on Cached data and Click on OK to clear cache.

If you have Android 8.0 Oreo onwards then you have to go to individual App.

Follow these steps to clear individual app cache:

Step 1: Go to Phone Setting and Apps and notification.

Go to Apps and notifications under phone setting
Step 2: Click on App name>Storage>Clear Cache.

Click on Clear Cache to clear cache of individual app

Disable Pre Installed Apps

Preinstalled apps and unnecessary apps takes lot of storage space. These pre installed apps are known as bloatware. Most of the smartphone which you bought online or from the store comes with these apps.

The problem with these apps is that you cannot uninstall them. But there is an option to disable these apps.

To disable them to go to phone setting and Apps and notification setting.

Click on the app name and tap Disable button to disable app.

Tap on disable to disable app
Use External Storage or SD Card
If your phone has enough storage then there is no need of external storage. But if your phone is lacking of space and your phone has capability of external SD card. Then you should use this to full extent.

Sometime even after using SD card you may face storage space running out issue. The reason for that may be either you are storing so much data and apps.

Or you are using phone’s internal storage rather then SD card.

So you need to check whether your files and apps are installed on phone or SD card.

Move files to SD card:
If your media files like pictures, videos etc. are stored in your phone memory. Go to file manager and simply move media files to SD card.

You can also move some apps to SD card. For this you have to go to phone setting and click on each app.

Go to storage option of app, tap of change and if it is showing option of “Move to SD card”, simply move that app to SD card.

Set SD Card as Default Storage:
Sometime our default setting for camera and WhatsApp media may be phone storage.

Check whether your SD card is your default storage memory. If not change it to default. You can also set default download location to SD card using any file explorer.

Turn Off Whatsapp Media Auto Download
The main reason of running out of storage may be your Whatsapp media. I got lots of picture and video on Whatsapp. Some of them are simply good morning wish message images.

These images and videos can take a lot of phone storage.So its better to turn it off.

To turn Whatsapp media auto download follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Whatsapp Setting and tap on Data and storage usage.

Go to whatsapp setting
Step 2: Tap on when using mobile data, when connected to Wi-Fi and when roaming.

Tap on when using mobile data, wifi and roaming
Step 3: Uncheck all photos, audio, videos and documents and click on OK.

Uncheck photos, audio, videos and documents
After this no media file will be saved on your phone until you tap on media and save it.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps and Delete Junk

Sometime my little cute baby girl install lot of games app on my phone. Every Sunday I have to manually uninstall some of them which she rarely use.

This is a kind of problem you may also face. You need to check which apps you are not using and uninstall them.

You should also delete unnecessary file.

If you are using Android Oreo 8.0 or later. Go to phone setting and then storage.

Click on Free Up Space and you will see option to remove junk files, whatsapp media etc.

Click on free space option under storage
Android storage space running out issue can be easily solved using these methods explained above.

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