Xiaomi Is Testing A New MIUI Battery Health Indicator Feature On Some Models

Most smartphone batteries are lithium-ion batteries and it deteriorates over time, leading to a decline in the battery performance. We all must have a story to tell of how our once durable smartphones that can last an entire day on a single charge suddenly can’t do more than two hours without a recharge. Xiaomi recognizes the desire of fans to get a feature that will help them to monitor the battery health of their smartphones. Enters MIUI Battery Health Indicator.

The Chinese tech giant has started rolling out the MIUI Battery Health Indicator to some of its smartphones. The feature was first rolled out on the Redmi Note 10. Right now, the company is testing this new feature on more models such as the Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite, Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10, Redmi K40 Pro+, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40, and Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition.

The Xiaomi Battery Health Indicator can estimate the battery health status based on complex battery aging factors. There are several factors that affect the battery aging process of the mobile phone battery such as use time, cycle times, storage temperature, storage capacity, and others. The Xiaomi Battery Health Indication will convert the battery health into a corresponding scale based on the aging impedance, temperature, and capacity so that you can get the current battery health at a glance.

The battery health interface can be accessed on the eligible Xiaomi phones by heading over to the System Settings> Power Saving and Battery> Battery page. In order to help prolong the battery life, the system will alert the user when the battery is deteriorating so that they can take the phone to a service center on time in order to maintain optimum battery performance.

We expect Xiaomi to roll out this feature to more models when the stable version is ready. But before then, you can help prolong your phone’s battery life by ensuring it is used within the optimal temperature range. If the phone is consistently operated under extremely high or extremely low-temperature conditions, the battery deterioration will be accelerated.

You should also pay attention to the optimal battery capacity usage range. Maintaining the battery level in a fully charged state or a very low battery state for too long will reduce the battery life. Experts say 40%~80% power is the best power usage range to maintain battery life. Finally, it is advised that you unplug the charger after the phone is fully charged in order to keep the battery in the best working power range to extend battery life.

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