Android Apps for The Galaxy Watch 4 Will Be Easier To Install

Although it’ll be a few weeks before we get to see the Wear-powered Samsung smartwatches in action, we know a fair bit about what they could have in store for us. Wear is a new platform for smartwatches that Google and Samsung have collaborated on.

For starters, we exclusively reported about the Galaxy Watch 4‘s storage and underlying chipset. We also know what they’ll look like, thanks to a slew of leaked renders that showed up online. Now, Google has detailed what it has in store for Wear via a blog post.

App installation process has been simplified
A future update to the Google Play Store will let users sideload Wear apps directly to a connected smartwatch. It is a significantly more streamlined experience than juggling between the Galaxy Store and Samsung Wearable app just to install a watch face. Although the post doesn’t explicitly state it, one will very likely need an active Bluetooth connection between the smartwatch and the linked smartphone.

The Play Store interface on Wear-powered smartwatches will get a fresh coat of paint, too. It’ll now use the Material You principles that Google showcased at Google I/O, placing important information front and centre.

Lastly, any in-app purchases made via the Play Store on your watch will be sent to the linked smartphone’s browser, where they’ll need to be authorized. Google rounds things off by saying that the update will roll out to eligible devices in the coming weeks.

We can reasonably assume that the upcoming Samsung smartwatches with Wear will already have all of these features baked in.

source: sammobile

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