Realme Set To Launch Wireless Mouse Soon

Realme has established itself as a smart phone brand, but now it is not only a smart phone manufacturer, the company is also active in many areas of the technological world, such as wearable devices, TWS audio products, smart TVs, etc. It is about to enter the field of tablets and notebooks, but it also announced its interest in a series of gaming accessories. In February of this year, the company reiterated its interest in bringing gaming accessories into the Indian market by launching 30 series smartphones at the Realme Narzo event. The products initially offered were accessories such as gaming mice and mouse pads. However, these products were never implemented. A new report claims that Realme wireless mouse will be available soon.

Realme will soon release a wireless mouse powered by a 1.5 volt battery.

Now, five months after the launch of the Realme Narzo 30 series, Realme’s new mouse has passed the online certification. According to informed sources, a mouse model RMW2024 appeared in the new certificate. This is enough to confirm its existence and even tease a possible publication.It may be the familiar Realme mouse. The new accessory is equipped with a 1.5V battery and is said to be completely wireless. As promised by Realme gaming accessories, it’s fun to think of them as “wireless mice”. Accurate movement and responsiveness However, there are high-quality wireless mice that provide the same functions.
wireless mouse is coming soon We cannot confirm that this is the same gaming mouse as the Realme Narzo series. However, we can say with 100% certainty that this is a new wireless mouse from Realme. And it will be soon. Certification is usually the last step before a product becomes an official product. With the opening in the second half of 2021, we expect Realme to launch many new products. The company will operate in markets such as India and China. In Europe, it has launched many new products such as Realme Pad, Realme Book, Realme MagDart accessories, and the latter is the Apple version of MagSafe.The company will launch a new flagship smartphone called Realme Flash, which will be the first Android device with magnetic wireless charging.

We expect to provide more details soon. However, the display of Realme books seems to be a good opportunity for the Realme wireless mouse to appear in the event. The company will definitely release more details and possible trailers in the coming months.

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