According To Reports, Samsung Is Conducting An Internal Audit Of Its Mobile Department

Samsung Electronics is conducting an administrative review of its various business units. These controls were supposed to end in July, but they have now been extended. Elec was informed that the leadership of Samsung’s wireless division will undergo an overhaul in August. The Samsung Business Support Working Group is performing the

evaluation, which began its review in the second quarter. Elec pointed out that audits are usually conducted every four to five years to assess the status of their business areas and take measures to improve efficiency. An alert is issued when the management of a specific business unit finds a problem.

Sources told the magazine that Samsung mobile phone reviews were “special reviews” and were initiated because of disappointing supply chain and mobile phone sales issues. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series was immediately reduced when it was launched. Elec reported that although the S series went on the market earlier than usual, Samsung only sold 13.5 million Galaxy S21 series in the first half of this year. The Galaxy S smartphone is launched. According to the report, Samsung “is likely to fail to achieve its Galaxy S21 sales target.”

MediaTek also encountered shipping issues with Samsung chipsets. From first to second, second only to Xiaomi.

Strategy Analytics reports that Samsung ranks fourth in the global 5G smartphone market with a share of 12.5%.

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