Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Watch4 Launched with 5nm chipset and WearOS

Learn about the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic, the first smartwatches with UI watches based on Wear OS. These devices have the most advanced design and a large number of sensors, but most importantly, they are the first 5nm chipsets in Wear OS.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is a stylish and modern rubber strap and what the company calls a digital bezel, while Galaxy Watch4 Classic has a rotating bezel and a stainless steel case. Although the designs are different, the two devices share most of the internal components. Samsung Galaxy Watch4

measures 44 mm (1.36-inch screen) and 40 mm (1.19-inch screen), while Watch4 Classic offers 46 mm and 42 mm options with the same screen diameter. In all cases, the pixel density was set to 330 PPI.

Samsung said that the Watch4 series provides many new features and a completely redesigned 3-in-1 sensor for health-conscious people. The bioactive Samsung sensor on the back of Galaxy Watch4 measures PPG (volume and blood flow), EKG (heart rate), and BIA (body composition analysis).

When the bioactive sensor reads all three data, it actually collects information from the electrocardiogram and body composition electrodes on the silver frame around the scanner and on the two side buttons. This feature is now more streamlined without affecting performance.

In addition, thanks to the Wear OS-based One UI Watch, wearable devices can track more than 100 different sports activities, some of which can be extended to Samsung TVs, such as yoga or aerobics.

The sleep management of Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic has also been improved. Snoring detection, continuous monitoring of blood and oxygen during sleep. Bell.

A UI watch can now sync “Do Not Disturb”, block incoming calls and important notifications from mobile phones. In addition, if the app is installed on your phone and compatible with your watch, Samsung will automatically install it on your wearable device.

also supports a variety of gestures, such as nodding to confirm an incoming call, shaking the wrist to refuse to answer the call, or rigid actions for predefined functions.

The entire equipment is driven by Samsung’s latest 5nm Exynos W920 chipset, designed for portable devices. It is equipped with a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem and has a dedicated core for AlwaysOn Display. The clock has 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage space.

The maximum battery capacity is 361 mAh and the minimum is 247 mAh.You can use up to 40 hours on a single charge, and 0 to 100 charges mean “less than two hours.”

Galaxy Watch4 is available in black and silver; the 44mm model has a distinctive green color, while the smaller 40mm model is also available in rose gold. The starting price is 269 euros, but this only applies to 40 mm Bluetooth watches.

Samsung offers the Galaxy Watch4 Classic in black or silver. Prices start from 369 euros / 359 pounds, and this also applies to the 42mm Bluetooth version. All wearable devices will be available in Europe on August 27th.

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