Samsung Confirms That It Will Remove Ads In Its Apps This Year

Many people were surprised when advertisements started to pop up on some of Samsung’s default apps (such as music, themes, Samsung Pay, and weather). Even those who bought the most expensive smartphones are not immune. Imagine spending more than $1,200 on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and I keep seeing ads.

Of course, users are not satisfied. They announced loudly and asked Samsung to remove the ads. After the company’s head of mobile devices made comments suggesting that this might happen, Samsung has confirmed that it will delete these ads. Apply this year.

There are no advertisements in Samsung’s standard apps.

TM Po, head of Samsung’s mobile phone business, said at the company’s public online meeting this week that ads will be removed from Samsung’s standard apps. This is his answer when answering a question from an employee who asked why advertisements were displayed in the company’s standard applications. Ro said that future versions of these apps will stop showing ads.

The company issued an official statement to The Verge. “Samsung has decided to stop advertising in proprietary apps such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Themes,” he said, adding that the update will be ready “later this year.”

Samsung also stated, “We value customer feedback and continue to strive to provide the best quality for our Galaxy products and services.”

The decision to remove advertisements from apps shows that Samsung is indeed listening to customers. When the ads began to appear, they were very dissatisfied. It took a while for the company to make this decision, but everything was fine and it was all over.

Samsung has not specified an exact release date for this update. It is very likely that the next One UI update of One UI 3.1.1 will not bring it.

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