Samsung Stops Production Of Galaxy Buds Plus Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus was launched two years ago and has won many fans with its easy installation, good sound quality and impressive battery life (up to 11 hours). But since the new Galaxy Buds 2 are available for pre-order, and Samsung has not officially announced the recall of Galaxy Buds Plus, they are no longer available on the Samsung website. I talked with two account managers. about it. (Via text chat) They all said that the epidemic has stopped.

This is not surprising. After all, Buds Plus is a product made two years ago, and Samsung recently sold it for $80. Currently, most online retailers sell them for $100. Has more than 40,000 user reviews on Amazon. , Very popular among Samsung and Android users, some of whom get Buds Plus for free through Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Galaxy Buds 2 is priced at 150 US dollars, but during the holidays, we should see some discounts, reducing the price by 20 US dollars and 30 US dollars. Galaxy Buds Pro are priced at 200 US dollars, but today they are priced at 170 US dollars or only more than Buds 2 High US$20.

Buds Plus has been discontinued, but like most discontinued electronic products, you may buy it for a while.You can see them drop to 80 dollars or less.

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