Apple iPod Touch 16GB, Released In 2013, Is Obsolete

Apple has announced that the 2013 iPod touch 16GB is globally obsolete. the back of the device. As a result, the 2013 iPod touch 16GB retails for a retail price of $ 229, which is a significant $ 70 saving over the $ 299 cost of the 32GB model (which was the previous budget model).

So what does it mean that the device is out of date in the eyes of Apple? This means the company will no longer repair the 16GB iPod touch and product parts will no longer be available to order from third-party repair companies.

The 16GB iPod touch features a 4-inch 640 x 1136 display, is powered by the Apple A5 chipset, and comes with half GB of RAM.Apple shipped the product with its EarPods, and they were offered in black with a silverback.

Apple will first name a tool antique after it stops promoting it for as a minimum 5 years, however much less than seven years. Users can nonetheless acquire provider and elements for a antique Apple product. After seven years, the tool may be indexed as obsolete. Once for the reason that designation, the product can not be repaired or serviced.

The latest version of the iPod Touch is the seventh generation model released in the Apple Store in May 2019.

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