Samsung Joins The RAM Extension Train With One UI Update

Samsung has become the latest Android OEM to claim that it can increase your smartphone’s RAM. ‘RAM Plus’ is rolling out to the Galaxy A52s 5G first, of all the devices that Samsung could have chosen.

Increasingly, Android OEMs are turning to including ‘free RAM’ features in their custom Android skins, a trend that we thought had died out in the 90s. Initially, Xiaomi brought RAM extension functionality to the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G, before expanding it other handsets like the Mi 10T Lite, Mi 10 Lite Zoom and the Mix 4. Oppo has rolled out a similar ‘RAM expansion’ to the Find X2, also.

Now, Samsung has started integrating ‘RAM Plus’ in One UI 3. RAM Plus has reached the Galaxy A52s 5G first, wherewith an additional 4 GB now allotted for the handset. Samsung sells the Galaxy A52s 5G with 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, so another 4 GB represents a huge increase in the memory available to the device.

However, RAM Plus, RAM expansion and RAM extension are all buzzwords for virtual memory, also known as a paging or page file in Windows. Hence, all RAM Plus does is take up space on the Galaxy A52s 5G’s internal storage. Virtual memory is no replacement for RAM though, as the former is much slower than the latter.

At any rate, Android has supported memory paging for years. RAM Plus is nothing new, nor is it special. Ultimately, the new feature is some rather disingenuous marketing on Samsung’s behalf.

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