How To See A Photo On WhatsApp Without Having To Open The Conversation

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging software on the market, with over two billion active users, and it continues to expand, bringing new tips and techniques. Senders of messages are notified when recipients receive and view a message in a chat, however there are a few workarounds that allow you to view a message, photo, or video in WhatsApp without even opening the chat.

Although the blue ticks can be hidden on WhatsApp, there is another, more straightforward way to view content. Here are five easy steps for viewing messages without having to enter the chat.

On iPhones, how to view WhatsApp photos without opening the chat
First and foremost, disconnect from any WhatsApp conversations.
Then press and hold the ‘More’ option and then the ‘Export Chat’ option on a specific chat.
After that, save to ‘Files’.
You can now choose a folder that you’ll remember and save the file there.
You may get the download by going to the file where you stored the exported chat, and you’ll find the photo you’re looking for there.

How to view WhatsApp photos without opening the chat on Android

We demonstrated how to perform this trick on Apple’s iPhone devices above. What about Android, though? Unfortunately, Android users will not be able to access material without first clicking into their WhatsApp conversations at this time.

That’s because the ‘More’ and ‘Export Chat’ options for Android can only be accessed from within a chat, not from the main menu by pressing and holding on a chat. Perhaps this will change in the future, but for the time being this WhatsApp privacy hack is only available for people accessing the messaging service via an iPhone.

Each month, WhatsApp introduces new features, the most recent of which is aimed at enhancing privacy. This new feature is for photos and movies that vanish.

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