Microsoft Officially Release Windows 11

Microsoft has released Windows 11 in its final stable form around the world today. Existing Windows 10 users on eligible PCs can get the update for free.

You can wait for Windows Update to make the update available to you before upgrading to Windows 11. If your PC fits all of the requirements, Windows 11 should be available as an upgrade in the coming weeks.

Another way is to get the Windows 11 Download Assistant from Microsoft. This works in a similar way to the one Microsoft implemented for Windows 10. The tool will download the update for you, and you can then start the installation procedure whenever you like.

You may also download a tool to produce installation media, which is simply a USB stick that can be used to install a fresh copy of Windows 11, from the website. You may also download an ISO file and burn it to a DVD to install the software the old-fashioned way.

A fresh new UI with a revamped taskbar and Start menu, Widgets, a new Microsoft Store app with support for Android apps coming in the future, themes, Snap Layouts and Groups for multitasking and window management, DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and more are all included in Windows 11.

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