Google Pixel 6 Pro Doesn’t Actually Charge At 30W

Google’s Pixel 6 Pro is marketed to charge to roughly 50% in half an hour, and we came close in our evaluation (we got 48 percent in half an hour). The Pixel 6 Pro’s 5000 mAh battery, on the other hand, took over two hours to fully charge with a 30W charger.

Android Authority dug deep and conducted laboratory tests on the charging cycle of the Pixel 6 Pro. It recorded the charger’s real current and highlighted the points at which the charger switched to lesser currents. This is typical charging behavior for any smartphone, but this test tells more about the Pixel 6 Pro’s actual charging speeds.

To begin, Google never directly states that the Pixel 6 Pro is capable of charging at 30W, but rather that the 50 percent charge in 30 minutes claim is “based upon the use of the Google 30W USB-C charger plugged into a wall outlet” with the caveat that “Actual results may be slower”

The maximum power drawn from the charger by both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is 22W, with an average of 13W over the course of a cycle, according to Android Authority. Not only was the Google 30W charger used in the tests, but also a few other USB-C Power Delivery PPS converters (though all UK versions).

The battery’s charge starts climbing diagonally in the Power / Time graph before gradually tapering down at the 100 level. Current peaks at 22.36W before dropping to 15W near the 40% mark, as shown by the blue line. While charging half of the battery takes around a half hour, charging the whole of the battery takes less than an hour and a half. According to Android Authority, charging the Pixel 6 Pro’s last 15% of the battery takes around an hour.

In the past, Google has been known to be careful with the Pixels’ battery charging habits, and the Pixel 6 Pro’s battery doesn’t recharge at the same rate as, example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with its 25W charger (which also has a 5000 mAh battery). It reached 54 percent in 30 minutes, yet only took 1 hour and 11 minutes to fully charge.

The phone is less prone to warming up, hovering around 25C, thanks to the conservative charging strategy, although Android Authority points out that another possibility is that Google used cheaper batteries for the Pixel 6 series.

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