Samsung Anticipates That The Galaxy S22 Will Sell Like Hotcakes

Samsung’s Galaxy S series hasn’t sold well in recent years, and the company is hoping that will change with the Galaxy S22 series next year. With higher sales, the South Korean company hopes to increase its market share in 2022.

Samsung expects its global smartphone market share to reach nearly 22 percent next year, according to a new report from TheElec. According to reports, the company expects global smartphone sales to increase to 1.52 billion units, with 390 million of those devices sold. When it comes to the breakdown of those 390 million units, the South Korean company anticipates that the Galaxy S22 series will account for 33 million units.

According to reports, Samsung intends to sell 14 million Galaxy S22 units, 8 million Galaxy S22+ units, and 11 million Galaxy S22 Ultra units globally. In comparison, the company anticipates selling 267 million Galaxy A23 and Galaxy A33 units, as well as 92 million Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 units.

To increase sales, the company is reportedly planning to improve its marketing strategies and offer more colors and features at the same price. When it comes to smartphone production, it appears that Samsung is also looking at cost-cutting measures. The South Korean company may also add IP67/IP68 certification to more devices next year, as it did with the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 this year.

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