If You Have Turned On Auto-delete On WhatsApp, Here’s How You Can Keep Your Chats

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has just released a new feature that allows users to erase messages automatically. To improve security, it also launched an end-to-end encryption feature for one-to-one communications. WhatsApp has added a new feature that extends the time it takes for messages to be “deleted” after they have been read. The message can be cleared automatically after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Previously, there was only a 7-day option. Please keep in mind that the messages will only remove themselves after you have read them. While this mode may be beneficial to some persons and clears your chats, some information may be crucial. As a result, users may need to save this data.

In such instances, WhatsApp advises users to take a snapshot of any essential communication history. This is currently the only means for users to save some chat histories. According to WhatsApp officials, users can enable this feature for all chats by default. It should be noted that enabling the auto-delete feature does not imply that the chat history on the other party’s terminal will be deleted as well. Whether you delete your chat history or not, the recipient of the chat can retain it for as long as they like.

The WhatsApp functionality is being rolled out to iOS and Android users in stages. Users may need to wait if they do not receive the update. All users will shortly be able to get the update.

WhatsApp is experimenting with different rates for audio communications.
WhatsApp introduced varying speeds for voice messages a few months ago. The application is now working on a similar feature for other audio communications. These audio messages must still be listened to at a regular pace for the time being. WhatsApp is working on related audio variable-speed playing features, according to WABetaInfo. For all audio messages, the company is working to increase its ability to incorporate different playing speeds.

It is currently unable to raise the audio playback speed when forwarding a voice message. This is due to the lack of a playback speed control. However, it appears that this feature will be added in the future.

The feature “was discovered in the previous WhatsApp iOS beta, but is currently in development,” according to WABetaInfo, implying that there is no public beta. Only 2x playback speed is available in WhatsApp audio messages. However, the playback speed will be increased by 1.5x after that. Users who don’t have the patience to listen to extended audio messages would benefit from this functionality.

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