Huawei Watch D Will Measure Blood Pressure Via A Specific Attachable Strap

Smart wearables have been embracing more and more health-related capabilities, and after several companies added ECG to their watches, Samsung decided to take it a step further and add a small sensor to the Watch3 to measure blood pressure. That one, on the other hand, required initial setup with a dedicated blood pressure monitoring instrument.
Huawei is said to be taking it a step further with its forthcoming Watch D, which will be able to take accurate blood pressure readings on its own. The wearable will have an inflatable component that sits on the inside of the strap, according to a leaked user guide video. It will accommodate two different strap sizes, which will be connected to the watch via pins and to the band via rubber buttons.

The Watch D is said to have 32MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. It can be connected to a phone or earbuds via Bluetooth. Sources say the watch will cost $470, and while there’s no confirmation on the price or if the watch will work on its own, at that price, it better have a SIM slot.

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