Apple To Launch More iPhones This Quarter Than Expected

Until recently, several sources were concerned that Apple would reduce its iPhone production plans for the current quarter from 90 to 80 million devices, but Morgan Stanley analysts are certain that Apple will produce at least 82 million handsets by the end of the month. Order processing times have already been lowered from three weeks to a few days.

According to Morgan Stanley experts, the reduction in the waiting time for the ordered iPhone 13 signals a return to normalcy in the supply and production of devices. The company will be able to generate at least 82 million of these gadgets in the fourth quarter, and instead of the usual seasonal decrease in production volumes, the indicators will remain at November levels in December. Experts say the corporation was able to overcome a lack of power components and camera modules that reduced the quantity of iPhones available at the start of the quarter.

According to analysts, there is little chance of a drop in demand for Apple smartphones. Quarterly iPhone shipments in China increased by 46% over the same period last year. It’s difficult to predict if the quarter will end with a supply-demand balance, but Morgan Stanley employees claim that supplies are expanding faster than planned. Apple is expected to earn at least $ 72.9 billion from iPhone sales in the current quarter, bringing the company’s total revenue to $ 122.2 billion.

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