Xiaomi Removes RAM Expansion (Virtual RAM) Feature For These Devices

Dynamic RAM Expansion (Virtual RAM) is one of the most popular features right now, and Xiaomi is one of the companies working on adding it to their devices. Xiaomi smartphones received the RAM Expansion feature as part of MIUI 12.5 via an OTA update.

Xiaomi eliminated the Memory Extention option on several devices, including the Mi 11 Ultra, Redmi K40, and others, with the Android 12 update, according to @Xiaomiui, however the Mi 10 series still has it.

Memory Extension
For Xiaomi device owners, this feature is known as ‘Memory extension.’ The feature was added to several Mi, Redmi, and POCO devices with the MIUI 12.5 or above upgrade. Xiaomi devices that have received the Dynamic RAM Expansion functionality so far, according to a leak from a popular Twitter writer named Kacper Skrzypek.

What is Memory Extension Feature
The expansion can expand the device’s RAM capacity by up to 7GB. This means that a typical 4GB smartphone can have up to 11GB of RAM. Furthermore, a smartphone with 12GB of storage might have up to 19GB of RAM.

In other terms, Virtual RAM is a desktop idea similar to ‘Virtual Memory.’ If the smartphone need it, it might take space from storage and allocate it to RAM to ensure seamless operation. To put it another way, the smartphone will use some of its storage capacity for RAM tasks.

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