Reactions, Spoilers, Message Translation Have Been Added To Telegram

Telegram is going out on a high note at the end of the year. Both Android and iOS users will benefit from the latest update, which includes a slew of new features. Reactions have been added to the app, and if you’ve used Facebook Messenger before, you’ll be familiar with how they function. The difference is that on iOS, you must press and hold to access the reaction emoji selection, whereas on Android, you only tap once. Double tapping a message on any platform sends a rapid thumbs-up response.

In Settings, you can modify the default double-tap reaction to something different. In private chats, reactions are always enabled, but administrators can choose whether or not to enable them in groups and channels (as well as picking which reaction emoji are available).

You can now hide spoilers with the new Spoiler formatting. You just mark the spoiler-infested section of your letter as such. The message in the chat, as well as the chat list and notifications, will be hidden as a result. Simply tap the spoiler to reveal its text to see what’s hidden.

When selecting a message, a new dedicated translate button can be added to the context menu, and this works on all Android devices as well as iOS 15+ on Apple devices. The languages that are available are determined by the software on your phone.

You can customize the colors and pattern of the QR code for your (or someone else’s) profile. On macOS, there are also freshly updated context menus with dynamic icons.

Finally, new interactive versions of some emoji, such as the snowflake, are now available. It will snow on the screen if you send this. There are a few more. These are only available in one-on-one chats. For a complete list, go to the Source link below.

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