Windows 11: The Next Big Update Will Not Take Place Before Summer 2022

We’ll have to wait to find out about all of the great news that Windows 11 has in store for us. According to current speculations, the next big update to the operating system will be completed around May 2021 and should be released to the general public over the summer.

Even if we can’t call Windows 11 a revolution, the operating system has been able to clean the few outdated parts of Windows 10 while making it easier to use for newcomers. However, we must confess that users haven’t had much to eat in terms of new features. The majority of the anticipated features are presently only available to Insiders, while the general public (to exaggerate a little) must make do with a new design and enhanced performance.

As a result, it is only natural that the next major Windows update is eagerly anticipated. We were hoping to see this one land at the beginning of next year, but it appears like we will have to wait a little longer. According to reports cited by Windows Central, the major new features will be released in the summer of 2022. The final version, dubbed Sun Valley 2, should be available to manufacturers in May.

Internally, version 22H2 is known as “Sun Valley 2,” lending credence to the 1511 comparison, as that was dubbed Threshold 2 after its first release. A number of in-box apps will be updated as well, including Notepad and Groove Music, both of which are now in preview.

We do not yet have specifics on the new features that Sun Valley 2 will provide. However, based on the capabilities already available to Insiders program participants, we can make some valid assumptions. As a result, it’s probable that Windows 11 may finally have native support for Android apps. Users can currently install APK versions through third-party apps. Other anticipated improvements, such as the renowned drag and drop on the taskbar disappearing after the transition to Windows 11, could possibly occur.

“Following the great lessons learned from Windows 10, we want to make sure that we give you the best possible experience, ” says Microsoft. “This means that new qualifying devices will get the update first. This will then reach over time marketed devices, based on intelligence models that take into account hardware eligibility, reliability parameters, device age and other factors that have an impact on the experience”.

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