Galaxy S22 UltraNews

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Have 45W Charger

According to leakster Roland Quandt, Samsung will bring back the 45W charging standard to its devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. He also provided a photo of the new PD charger, which has the model number EP-T4510 and will be sold separately.

According to the leaked image, the travel charger will include a USB-C to USB-C connection in the retail packaging.

If the tipster is true, a Galaxy smartphone with 45W charging will be released once more. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was released in February 2020, was the most recent. Compared to the 25W charger, the 45W charger throttled extremely quickly and scarcely made a difference in charging speeds.

The latest 45W converter has a similar design and includes a USB-C to USB-C connector. On the surface, the biggest difference between the future EP-T4510 and the present EP-TA845XBNG is its lower size. The included cable will be 1.8 meters long, which is a significant improvement over the present 1-meter wire.

The present 45W adaptor costs $50, so we expect the successor to be similarly priced.

According to, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may also have 3X optical zoom. Samsung appears to be contemplating a different strategy for the Galaxy S22 / S22+ devices that will debut early next year.

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