Samsung RAM Plus Function Is Available For These Galaxy Devices: Check Your Device

Many smartphone OEMs have introduced their own versions of virtual RAM expansion in order for low-memory phones to keep up with the ever-increasing demand from apps. This improves multitasking and keeps more apps cached for faster app launches.

So, finally, Samsung has discovered a way to free up RAM on your phone. Don’t get too excited, though. It’s actually a RAM Plus feature that the company is enabling in a number of Galaxy smartphones. Because it is a rehash of the memory paging feature that already exists in Android and almost all other modern operating systems, the RAM Plus feature is like old wine in a new bottle.

Samsung RAM Plus Feature

The expansion can boost the phone’s RAM capacity by up to 7GB. This means that a typical 4GB smartphone can have up to 11GB of RAM capacity. Likewise, a 12GB smartphone can have up to 19GB of RAM capacity. Continue reading Samsung One UI 4.0 Official Roadmap for Galaxy Devices Running Android 12

Samsung RAM Plus is available in these smartphones.
Galaxy A52
Galaxy A52s
Galaxy A52 5G
Galaxy Z Fold 3
Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21+
Galaxy S21 Ultra

When needed, the system allocates 2GB of internal storage and adds it to the RAM. So, depending on your memory configuration – either 6GB or 8GB – you effectively get 8GB or 10GB of RAM.

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