iPhone 14 Pro Rumored To Have 48 MP Camera

When compared to the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series from last year didn’t come with many upgrades. Apple appears to have saved the major modifications for the iPhone 14 generation. According to recent reports, the new flagships will have the most significant redesign since the unveiling of the iPhone X in 2017. For example, they’re said to be doing away with the notch and replacing it with a punch-hole cutout. Touch ID is expected to return, but it’s unclear if it will be an in-display scanner or a scanner on the side. Rumors have recently surfaced claiming that the iPhone 14 Pro will include a 48 MP main camera. A fresh report now backs up these allegations.

For those used to Android devices, 48 MP cameras are nothing new; in fact, the Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013 featured the first super-resolution camera with its 41 MP PureView Camera. Apple, on the other hand, has always eschewed these trends when it comes to high-resolution cameras, until now. With a 48 MP camera, the iPhone 14 Pro may be the first to join this trend. It will be the third time an iPhone’s main camera resolution has been increased. The iPhone 4s replaced the iPhone 4’s 5 MP camera with an 8 MP camera. The iPhone 6s raised the bar to 12 MP, which has remained the benchmark to this day.

The iPhone 14 Pro will be the most significant update to the iPhone camera since 2015.

Apple has been utilizing the same resolution since 2015, but has suddenly upgraded to a huge 48 MP. It’s a major departure from Apple’s camera philosophy. According to reports, Apple will finally provide 8K video recording on its iPhone 14 Pro versions. As a result, they’ll require more capable cameras. Depending on the scene, they’ll probably shoot in different resolutions. The extra pixels could help a portrait or a landscape photograph. Low-Light images can also use the 48 MP brute file and pixel-combine it to 12 MP, resulting in additional details.

The reports of a 48 MP main camera on the iPhone 14 Pro have been confirmed by Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo. When it comes to Apple products, he has a solid track record. Intriguingly, he predicts that periscope zoom will be available with the iPhone 15 series in 2023. If that’s the case, we’ll see Apple make camera advancements in the next two generations, which isn’t something we’ve seen before.

According to recent sources, a punch-hole camera with a single or pill-shaped cutout is in the works. This pill-shaped module, on the other hand, could be the first to be aligned in the center. Face ID on iPhones will be kept alive thanks to the pill-shaped notch. We’re just hoping this doesn’t have an impact on Touch ID’s reappearance.

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