Netflix Is Increasing Its Fees In US

Despite increased competition from competitors such as Disney Plus and HBO Max, Netflix remains the leading force in video streaming, particularly in the United States. The current epidemic has understandably increased average multimedia consumption, which may help to explain Netflix’s pricing rise.


Beginning today, new US users will have to pay $9.99 for a basic plan (up from $8.99), $15.49 for an HD plan (up from $13.99), and $19.99 for the top-tier 4K plan (up from $17.99). Current members will soon face price increases as well, though Netflix has vowed to notify them 30 days in advance. Prices in Canada are rising at a similar rate, with the regular plan currently costing CAD 16.49.

Price increases on Netflix have become almost routine at this point. In 2014, the base plan cost $7.99, but it increased to $8.99 in 2019. The standard (HD) version was first released in 2011 for $7.99, then increased to $8.99 in 2014, $9.99 in 2015, $10.99 in 2017, $12.99 in 2019, and $13.99 in 2020. The 4K tier began at $11.99 in 2013, increased to $13.99 in 2017, $15.99 in 2019, and $17.99 in 2020.

Netflix, Inc. is an American subscription streaming service and production company. Launched on August 29, 1997, it offers a library of films and television series through distribution deals as well as its own productions, known as Netflix Originals.

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