Google Pixel Notepad To Cost Less Than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

A new piece of information shows that the Google Pixel Notepad will be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung, along with Huawei, is without a doubt the market leader in the foldable phone area. However, the newfangled foldable display technology is being used by a growing number of OEMs for their mobile devices. Several Chinese manufacturers have introduced their first foldable phones, competing in the burgeoning market with the South Korean tech giant.

According to rumors, Google is planning to release its first foldable device, nicknamed the Google Pixel Notepad. The Google Foldable phone was detected in the Android 12L beta earlier this month, providing us a preview of the device’s stunning design. In November, various rumors claimed that the Google-owned company had temporarily halted the Pixel Fold. The rumor mill, on the other hand, continued to churn out theories about the alleged foldable phone.

The Google Pixel Notepad could be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Furthermore, some shards of information have surfaced online that imply Google’s Pixel Fold ambitions have not been shelved. To put it another way, Google is still developing its first foldable device. Now, a source familiar with Google’s Pixel plans has verified to 9to5Google more crucial details regarding the foldable phone. In contrast to rumors that Google will not release its foldable smartphone, the insider adds that the corporation has never ceased working on it. Aside from that, the device’s working brand name is “Pixel Notepad,” according to the source.

Google Pixel Fold
Furthermore, Google has no intention of following in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold’s footsteps. Instead, the California-based tech behemoth wants to imitate Oppo’s Find N method. To put it another way, the Google Pixel Notepad could look a lot like the Oppo Find N. Surprisingly, the Oppo Find N is inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Oppo’s folding tablet, on the other hand, has a bigger screen and a narrower aspect ratio than the Fold 3. If speculations on the internet are true, the Pixel Notepad will be similar in appearance.

It will also be fascinating to see if Google collaborates with Samsung Display or another vendor to create the foldable panels for the Pixel Notepad. The Oppo Find N is anticipated to be a competitor for the Google Foldable phone. As a result, it will be less expensive than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was first announced in August with a $1,799 price tag. It’s also worth noting that Samsung could unveil its first foldable phone under a different name. The “Notepad” and “Logbook” are the device’s internal names.

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