YouTube Shorts Have Reached Over 5 Trillion Views In Under 2 Years

Thanks to the advent of services like TikTok, short-form videos have taken the internet by storm in recent years. YouTube Shorts debuted in 2020, and since then, producers have amassed over 5 trillion views.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojicicki outlined the platform’s priorities for 2022 in a blog post today, which include expanding some commerce tools, collaborating with NFTs, and more. Along with those revelations, Wojicicki also revealed that YouTube Shorts had amassed over 5 trillion views since its inception.

“On YouTube, more people are creating material than ever before. We’re seeing a lot of activity across the board, even on Shorts. We’ve now surpassed 5 trillion total views on Shorts!”

This is a huge number, especially considering YouTube Shorts only launched in India in 2020 and only went global last year.

The post goes on to claim that YouTube is developing new ways for creators to monetize Shorts beyond the “Shorts Fund” in over 100 countries and “BrandConnect,” and that an expansion of the “Remix” tool will be coming this year.

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