Samsung pledges 4 OS Updates, 5 Years Of Patches For 2021 And 2022 Flagships

Samsung pledged last year to provide four years of software support for its phones and tablets, including three major OS updates and four years of security fixes. The pledge included flagships as well as models from the A and M series, which are lower in the product range. The corporation has now opted to differentiate its flagship models by extending their life lives by one year.

This means that the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 models will be updated with four new generations of Android OS and security patches over the course of five years. They should go up to Android 16 and receive their final patch in 2027, since they started with Android 12.

Owners of a Samsung flagship from 2021 will benefit from the same software support schedule, which means they will receive one additional OS upgrade and an extra year of updates than initially intended. The S21 series flagships, as well as the Z3 foldables, are included (including the S21 FE). The Galaxy S20 series and older foldables, on the other hand, are still on a four-year schedule.

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