Chrome Still The Most Popular Browser In The World

Chrome is the most widely used browser on the planet (63.06 percent), regardless of whether you’re browsing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Safari is in second place with 19.84 percent, a figure that may be overstated by the fact that the program comes pre-installed on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Chrome on Android smartphones, on the other hand, is the same.

Behind Apple’s solution, a close battle rages between Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet, and Opera: the Mozilla browser leads with 4.18 percent market share, closely followed by Microsoft’s (4.12 percent). Samsung and Opera, the two remaining companies, have 2.89 and 2.33 percent of the market share, respectively.


The scenario becomes more interesting at this point, since while Chrome has a 65.38 percent market share, the race for second place – the world’s most popular non-Chrome browser on desktop – is wide open. Safari, Edge, and Firefox account for 9.84 percent (Apple) and 9.18 percent (Mozilla), respectively, while Opera and Internet Explorer account for 3 percent and 1.06 percent, respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how Edge maintains its lead over Firefox: the historic overtake occurred two years ago, and Microsoft doesn’t appear to be willing to cede ground to its direct opponent.


Chrome is always leading, and Safari is always second; however, the difference is not as big when considering the smartphone market. Google’s browser has 62.06 percent market share, Apple’s has 26.71 percent, and Samsung is far behind with 5.26 percent. Only crumbs remain for the rest: 1.89 percent Opera, 1.57 percent UC Browser.

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