Google Phone App Gets Material You Inspired Dialer

Google has adopted a fresh graphical approach to its operating system with Android 12. Since the launch of Material Design, the Material You has become the green robot’s most visible turning point.

And, of course, this transformation affects all of the Google suite of apps, including the Phone dialer app, which has evolved from a simple and spartan solution to one of the most advanced accessible over the years. The Mountain View firm had already changed the appearance to meet Material You’s new requirements, making it sensitive to the first-ever chromatic management of dynamic themes, or those derived from the user-selected background for their device.

But that’s not all: according to some users, Google has began testing (in limited form for the time being) a new design for the dialer, or numeric keypad, in the Telephone app. The changes between the present version (on the left) and the new one that is being tested can be seen in the comparison of the two photographs below.


A The differences are obvious: the digits are now contained within “pills” that resemble actual keypads and create a chromatic contrast with the background. The animation that appears when the keys are pressed also changes, with a visual effect that “lights up” the key and spreads outwards from the point of contact between the finger and the display.

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