Microsoft Windows 11 is Running On Almost 20% Of All PCs: AdDuplex

A recent leak has revealed some intriguing details about Microsoft Windows 11. The company’s most recent operating system is said to be installed on over 20% of all Windows PCs throughout the world.

This represents a modest increase from the 16.1 percent share recorded in January 2022. In other words, Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has surpassed two Windows 10 editions to become the third most widely used Windows version (namely 21H2 and 21H1). The data for AdDuplex’s report comes from over 5,000 applications on the Microsoft Store that use the AdDuplex v2 SDK. Typically, polls use a sample size of roughly 60,000 PCs, which is quite tiny.

This report will not be totally accurate, but it will provide a general assessment of the latest Windows version’s acceptance. Furthermore, the poll only covers Windows 10 and later, thus this statistic does not account for all earlier Windows OS versions. According to the statistics provided by AdDuplex, Windows 11 is now installed on 19.3 percent of all Windows PCs.

Windows 10 version 21H2, on the other hand, came in second since it is the upgrade that is being sent out for PCs that are not eligible for Windows 11 due to its minimum requirements. While 20% isn’t a huge number, Windows 11 is still a relatively new operating system, so we can expect the number to rise in the following months.

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