Standalone IGTV App Officially Discontinued, all Video Is Now “Instagram Video”

Instagram has been cleaning house as it tries to find out how to stay relevant in a world where TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years. Instagram has announced changes to its video offerings, including the closure of the separate IGTV app, in its most recent post.

The standalone app was last updated in August 2021, and it is still available for download from the Google Play Store as of this writing.

When Instagram first created IGTV, it believed it needed to launch a distinct app to compete with YouTube in the larger format video space. After videos from IGTV began to show in

the main feed, the service was eventually shut down. As the firm changes its focus to Reels, it will also stop running IGTV advertisements.

Despite the fact that Instagram Reels has received a lot of attention and investment, advertisements are presently unavailable. This will change in 2022, when Instagram begins testing ads in Reels, and creators will be able to start receiving ad income for Reels later this year.

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