Samsung Display Working On A New Type Of OLED Panel For Apple

Apple is one of Samsung Display’s most well-known customers, with its products appearing in a number of high-end iPhones and iPads. According to The Elec, Samsung Display is now working on an entirely new sort of OLED panel for Apple.

Many prospective Apple items will use Samsung’s latest OLED technology. Two emission layers, rather than one, are believed to be used in the new two-stack tandem OLED screens. As a result, the brightness of the panels is approximately doubled, and their life expectancy is nearly quadrupled. Manufacturing costs will almost definitely rise as well, although Apple should be unconcerned about this.

Starting in 2024-25, the two-stack tandem OLED screens will power iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks. The paper also mentions a “automotive” application, implying that it may be utilized in self-driving cars. However, scale production of Samsung’s tandem OLED panels (dubbed T) would not begin until 2023.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung Electronics will be the first to adopt the new T1 OLED screen, which means we could see it in action with a future Galaxy S smartphone or tablet. It also allows Samsung to have a feel for the market before committing to large-scale orders from companies like Apple. Due to poor quality control, competitors such as BoE Display have lost Apple’s orders, and Samsung would do well to prevent this.

For the time being, at least until Samsung works out the wrinkles associated with T1 OLED manufacturing and design, all Samsung and Apple products will stay with the classic one-stack OLED display. Color accuracy, which is one of the core selling qualities of an OLED screen, is one of the main issues with two emission layers.

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