iOS 15.4 Is Coming Next Week with Face ID Unlock when Wearing A Mask

The usage of masks has become commonplace as a result of the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Face ID was made worthless for several months due to the mask, which covered the nose and the entire bottom half of the face. The iPhone’s facial recognition system does, in fact, require scanning the user’s full face in order to unlock the device.

Apple has made a number of tweaks to iOS 14’s programming to accommodate the pandemic’s limits. The unlock code is immediately required if the iPhone detects the presence of a mask. Additionally, Apple Watch owners can use Face ID to unlock their iPhone even if they are wearing a mask.

Apple is going even further in iOS 15.4 to make life easier for those who don’t have a connected watch. Face ID will now be able to detect you even if you are wearing a sanitary mask thanks to this update. Facial recognition is then satisfied with a partial scan of the face, focusing on the visible area, to achieve this. Face ID then unlocks the iPhone by comparing the top section, which includes the eyes, to information stored in its database.

The iOS 15.4 update, which was previously only available in beta, will be rolled out to all compatible iPhones starting the week of March 14. During the iPhone SE 5G, Mac Studio, and iPad Air keynotes, Apple revealed the update’s impending release. Given Apple’s history, the firmware is likely to be released on Monday, March 14, 2022, in the evening.

As the release date approaches, Apple has made the Release Candidate, a nearly finished version, available to beta testers. According to the changelog for this version, Face ID with mask will be available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. The feature will not be available on previous models.

Apple recently announced a number of upgrades to its AirTag trackers, aimed at making it more difficult for these devices to secretly eavesdrop on individuals. These changes were discovered in the iOS 15.4 beta version. Users will now notice a warning when setting up AirTag for the first time that tracking with a tracker is unlawful.

Apple representatives previously stated that the business has worked with law enforcement agencies on numerous occasions to trace down examples of AirTag tracker usage. As a result, users should be aware that the device should not be used to eavesdrop on others without their permission.

A issue was fixed in the iOS 15.4 beta, which caused users to see the warning “unknown accessory identified.” Many consumers mistook the warning for an indication of AirTag surveillance, but it might also be associated with devices from other manufacturers that are compatible with the network. These and other modifications targeted at making AirTag trackers more secure may make it into the stable version of iOS 15.4.

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