Google Suspends Play Store App Purchases And Subscriptions In Russia

Almost three weeks have passed, and Russia continues to invade Ukraine, despite multiple economic and technological sanctions imposed on the country. The Russian Ruble falls exponentially in currency exchange markets as the days pass, and more and more sanctions are imposed on the country. More businesses and corporations are leaving Russia. It’s more than just a show of solidarity for Ukraine; it’s also a requirement to comply with local and international sanctions related to the Russian Ruble’s massive depreciation. As a result, multinational corporations are unable to make a profit in the country. Today, Google is making life a little more difficult for Russian users.

Google recently announced that it will reduce its reliance on Russian advertisements and media. The company is now moving forward with the ongoing situation. It is temporarily halting the Google Play Store’s billing system.

Google Play Store billing system won’t work for Russian Android users anymore

According to Google, due to payment system disruptions, the billing system for Russian users will be paused on March 10, 2022. The search engine giant clarifies that this means users will be unable to purchase apps and games. Furthermore, they are unable to make subscription payments or make in-app purchases of digital goods through the Google Play Store in Russia. Free Apps will continue to be available for download and installation on the Play Store. As a result, while this is not a departure from the country, it does limit what Russian Android users can do.

According to Google, there is no way to renew ongoing subscriptions. If you have a subscription, it will be cancelled as soon as the deadline arrives. Existing subscriptions with 1-month or 1-year terms will be honoured until the end of the then-current billing period. The company also states that existing developer subscription billing grace periods will be honoured. Furthermore, any free trials will remain active. The trials will end as soon as payment is required.

Google concludes by stating that the situation is rapidly evolving. If the struggle continues, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google withdraws its Google Mobile Services from the country. Users are encouraged to keep checking Google News. After all, anything can happen in an instant.

It is worth noting that other companies are also limiting the use of platforms in that location. Meta, Apple, Nintendo, Sony, and other companies are on the list. In an unexpected turn of events, the Russian Federation is now considering software and game piracy. Customers in Russia are also denied access to “basic” payment methods such as PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

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