Nothing Phone (1) Announced: Comes With Snapdragon CPU And Nothing OS

The introduction of the “Nothing phone” (1) did not surprise us. Carl Pei left OnePlus to start his own company, Nothing, a few months later, and we knew he’d use his experience with smartphones to benefit the brand. Nothing was first introduced as a “wearable” firm with trendy and creative products. The business did, however, acquire the essential as well as a slew of patents in the process. As a result, it was impossible to dismiss the brand’s prospects as a smartphone manufacturer. Carl Pei ascended the stage with considerable anticipation to reveal the Nothing phone (1).

Nothing becomes “the most compelling alternative to Apple,” according to one of the OnePlus founders, Carl Pei, with goods that connect and perform smoothly. The company is working on a new smartphone that will run Nothing OS, a proprietary user experience built on top of Android. If you’re a fan of OnePlus, you’ll notice a lot of references sprinkled throughout the video. OnePlus debuted as a unique and self-contained brand. In recent years, however, the BBK Group has decided to bring it closer to Oppo. Oppo merged with OnePlus last year and was even working on a new software platform to replace OxygenOS. Following a public outcry, the business opted to stick with OxygenOS 13.

Nothing phone (1) will breathe new life into the smartphone industry by receiving three big operating system improvements.
The Nothing phone (1), according to Carl Pei, will be a “breath of fresh air to the sleepy smartphone industry.” With a one-of-a-kind design, it will provide more value to users. Regrettably, no specifics have been made public. The teaser image, on the other hand, shows that the Nothing phone (1) has a camera hidden beneath the display. This technology is improving, and we can expect it to emerge from any manufacturer. Although the smartphone business is nothing new, we can claim that Carl Pei has a lot of good contacts and skills, as well as a lot of good patents.

Internal specifications have not been released, but a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is expected. After all, Qualcomm is a partner of Nothin’s. Because the gadget is only available in the summer, it could be equipped with the TSMC Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+. Key component suppliers will include Samsung, Sony, and Visionox. Samsung may release cameras at the same time as Sony. Visionox is a significant firm in the Display Tech space, and it might be the driving force behind this potential under-display camera.

More information, according to Pei, will be released this summer. He says the Nothing phone (1) will receive three OS updates and four years of Android security updates. That’s less than what Samsung presently offers for flagships and a few mid-range devices. However, this puts it ahead of a lot of other brands in the segment. Those in the BBK category, where OnePlus is the only company that offers more than three OS upgrades. Nothing’s head also revealed a cryptic schematic of the phone’s rear design, which is thought to be the back design of the phone. It could have notification lights and a transparent back to show off some of its main specifications, or it could merely be for aesthetic sake.

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