WhatsApp Launch Multi-device Update

We’ve been telling you about WhatsApp’s multi-device functionality for the past eight months. Indeed, the latter is one of the most eagerly awaited features. As a reminder, it allows you to use texting on up to four devices at the same time without having to connect your phone to the Internet or scan a QR code. The tool was first made accessible in beta for a small group of customers in March, but there hasn’t been much news since then.

The wait is now over. The developers are planning to send out the feature to all iOS users by the end of the month, according to information received by WABetaInfo. Android users, on the other hand, will have to wait until next month to be eligible. According to WABetaInfo, login to your account will be more faster while retaining the highest level of security against hacking.

Furthermore, it appears that the message arrangement has improved; this is good news because multiple discussions will need to be transferred into the device during the connection. However, keep in mind that not all functionalities will be available on all machines. Users will not be able to see the preview of links or stickers on WhatsApp Web, for example.

Nonetheless, this feature will almost certainly encourage users to return to the app. WhatsApp has confirmed that since the beta was released, there has been an increase in access to the web version of the app.

Many users have been waiting for WhatsApp to have a new feature: the ability to leave reactions to messages. Participants in the beta testing programme already have access to this tool in the Android version of the app.

Such reactions are known to be used in messaging in a variety of social networks and instant messengers, ranging from Twitter to Telegram.

Reactions such as “like,” “laugh,” “surprise,” and, for example, “sadness” will be available. Apparently, responses with a distinctly negative appraisal of postings will not be used; this is in line with the present social media trend of not being able to see the amount of dislikes for posts.

To test the feature, you must use the proper beta software. We are aware that the programme can only accommodate a limited number of users at this time. “Thank you for your interest in testing the WhatsApp Messenger app,” reads the Google Play page for individuals interested in becoming WhatsApp testers. The WhatsApp Messenger app has achieved its maximum number of testers, and we are no longer accepting applications.”

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