MIUI 13.5: Here’s A List Of Xiaomi Smartphones NOT Getting The Update

With the MIUI 12 edition of its Android skin, Xiaomi took a major step forward. Rather than releasing a new version, MIUI 12.5 was released as an incremental upgrade with significant changes and improvements. With MIUI 13, the same is about to happen. The firm is preparing to deliver the first “big” incremental upgrade a few months after its first release, which will almost definitely be MIUI 13.5. While the MIUI 13 upgrade will be available for a large number of Xiaomi handsets running Android 11 or Android 12, the MIUI 13.5 update will be more limited. According to a fresh rumor, certain Xiaomi smartphone customers will not receive MIUI 13.5.
According to the report, Xiaomi smartphones running Android 11 will not receive the MIUI 13.5 upgrade. That’s a significant change in Xiaomi’s story; in previous iterations, the company was able to keep updating MIUI regardless of the underlying Android version. In recent years, we’ve noticed a shift, and things are becoming increasingly more complicated. Xiaomi is reportedly finding it more difficult to support devices running older Android versions with newer MIUI releases. The business has made the decision to stop supporting Android 11 smartphones with software. The smartphones that will not be receiving the much-anticipated MIUI 13.5 upgrade are listed below. It is worth noting that this list is not official, as Xiaomi has yet to reveal the devices that won’t get MIUI 13.5.

Xiaomi Smartphones NOT getting the MIUI 13.5 update

  • MI
  • POCO
  • POCO C3
  • C31

The list includes phones that run an older version of Android from 2019. Xiaomi is finding it more difficult to support devices running older software due to the company’s adoption of some native Android features and adapting them to MIUI. As a result, MIUI 13.5 will not be available for older phones. Or it’s possible that the corporation simply wants to get rid of obsolete gadgets. After all, it continues to release a slew of smartphones each year, with the newer models having “mandatory” software support. The “development team” will have more room to handle these new cellphones if previous handsets are left behind. With a few exceptions, that’s how the industry has been operating in recent years, whether you like it or not. Samsung, for example, has learned from its mistakes and now provides a high level of Android support for its flagships and a few select mid-range devices.
miui 13

Some users will be disappointed by the lack of MIUI 13.5 upgrades. However, several firms have a habit of leaving outdated gadgets behind. Of course, the news may be difficult to swallow for some consumers, particularly those who own Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) handsets. After all, they’ve been dealing with a flawed Android 11 version for months.

Obviously, the list excludes smartphones that have recently been released with Android 11. In the following months, smartphones like the Redmi Note 11 series should receive an update to Android 12, which means they’ll get MIUI 13.5 and at least two more MIUI updates.

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