Russia To Launch Local App Store (NashStore) To Replace Google Play Store

Russian technology developers are working on an app store that will compete with Google Play. The new app store will be officially launched on May 9 by the transcontinental nation. In Russia, this day is observed as a national holiday to commemorate the victory in World War II. Due to Western sanctions, YouTube and Google Play have suspended all payment-based services in Russia, including subscriptions.

“Unfortunately, Russians can no longer buy apps on Google Play, and developers have lost a source of revenue,” said Vladimir Zykov, project director at Digital platform. “That’s why we founded NashStore, a Russian app store,” Zikov said in a statement. NashStore, which is Russian for “OurStore,” will support Android devices and will eventually be compatible with the Russian Mir bank card.

Several sanctions have been imposed on Russia since the commencement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The country is currently doing everything it can to ensure that its inhabitants are taken care of. Despite all of the restrictions, the war continues to rage and is worsening. These sanctions, according to US Vice President Joe Biden, are unlikely to bring the war to an end. He does believe, though, that the sanctions will exert some pressure on Russia. These sanctions are clearly not stopping the Russians from continuing the conflict. We have no way of knowing whether the sanctions will have any effect.

Russia plans to focus on supporting the development of two major local chip manufacturers

According to Russian media sources, the Russian Federation’s responsible authorities are considering adding Baikal Electronics and MCST, two large chip design institutions, to the list of backbone firms. According to Russian media, this will facilitate the movement of processors from TSMC to mainland foundry factories.

Elbrus processors were previously created by Baikal Electronics and MCST, and both were manufactured by TSMC. As a result of the fines, TSMC has decided to terminate the contract. According to Russian media, the above-mentioned organisations would receive a variety of benefits, including financial subsidies and low-interest unsecured loans, after being designated as significant companies.

According to expert research, the indigenous chips of the aforementioned institutions will be given preferential consideration in government procurement. The application software ecosystem surrounding home servers will experience significant change. Some insiders are also concerned that Western backing for general-purpose processor design companies would result in more targeted sanctions. However, we wouldn’t have to wait long to find out what the next steps would be.

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