WhatsApp status will get new innovations soon

WhatsApp appears to be on a mission to inundate its messaging platform with emoji reactions. Recently, users in chat rooms have been able to respond to other users’ messages with emoticons, and now status updates will have a similar feature.

“Quick reactions” for statuses will emerge in a future update, according to the WABetainfo webpage. Instagram is said to have a similar option for a quick emotive comment on Stories.


It’s predicted that eight emoji reactions, ranging from a “smiley with hearts instead of eyes” to a “100 points” sign, would be released soon, covering the complete range of emotions triggered by particular situations, with the exception of plain negativity. According to sources, the response to a status update will be broadcast to the conversation as a regular emoji, but the messenger team may be working on a special version of the interface for interlocutors to “mark” new statuses. In addition, the discussion will contain information about the status updates themselves.

It is known that the team is now working on additional significant enhancements, such as the ability to utilize the same account across many handsets. Other devices, such as PCs, already have this feature, and tablet connecting may be accessible as well.

Messenger’s developers are continually working to improve its features. For example, not so long ago there was information about the ability to add up to 32 users to voice chat. Additionally, work is underway on subscriptions for business accounts; which allow linking not 4, but up to 10 devices to a single account.

WhatsApp introduced Status, a feature similar to Instagram Stories, to its app a few years ago. The corporation is now encouraging people to use this feature more frequently.


According to WABetaInfo, users will be able to see a contact’s status update immediately in the chat list or when searching for chats and messages in a future version. The following is an explanation from WABetaInfo on how this will work:

WhatsApp begins a conversation with the contact if the user clicks on the chat cell; however, if the user clicks on the profile image of the contact who made the status update, their status update shows. Once this feature is enabled, I’m confident more people will start seeing status updates from their contacts.

This feature is currently in development for WhatsApp’s desktop version, but according to WABetaInfo, it will be accessible for iOS and Android users soon.

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