OxygenOS 12 brings stable Android 12 updates to the OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has recently released the third Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta build for the original OnePlus Nord from 2020. After all, the update brought many improvements and bug fixes, so it was a good step toward stability. Now, it appears that the company has mastered the Android 12 build for its first low-cost smartphone. Today, the company released the stable OxygenOS 12 update for the OnePlus Nord, which includes Android 12. It is worth noting that the update may still take a few days to reach all eligible units worldwide.

The OxygenOS 12 upgrade will be available for Indian models, according to the company’s OnePlus Community Forums. The update will be available to European devices soon, although the build is still undergoing extra testing. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement about the worldwide variant’s update schedule. Anyway, we expect it to arrive soon, perhaps within a week or two, and will be available to all qualifying units.

With this release, the base version of Oxygen OS is 12.1 for the first time. The April 2022 security updates are also included in the release. It’s important to note that this update is nearly identical to the Open Beta 3 build. The internal version numbers are the same F.11, and the OTA payload packages’ contents are also byte-for-byte consistent. As a result, the Open Beta 3 list of known bugs may appear in the stable build.

Hopefully, these issues will not be present; after all, what is the point of releasing it as “stable” if it still has bugs? Inconsistency in the Settings menu options was one of the issues with the previous update. There are also some screen glitches when calling in certain scenarios. Furthermore, when shooting photos in Portrait mode, the Camera may crash. When taking burst photos, the thumbnails display abnormally. When in Guest Mode, Quick Device Connect.

OnePlus Nord specifications

The OnePlus Nord was unveiled as the company’s first mid-range device. It included the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC, up to 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage. It was also one of the first mid-range phones to include Optical Image Stabilization. There was also a 64 MP triple-camera setup and a 4,500 mAh battery with up to 65 W fast-charging. It’s worth noting that the OnePlus Nord was released with OxygenOS 10, which is based on Android 10. The device received an Android 11 update and is now receiving Android 12. It’s unclear if this is the end of the line or if this device will continue to receive Android 13 and the revamped stock-like OxygenOS 13.

It’s worth noting that the company is working on a OnePlus Nord 2T for the Indian market, which will be a minor upgrade over its predecessor. The device’s specifications and details were revealed.

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