WhatsApp Finally Lets Everyone Hide Their Profile Photo, Last Seen, And About From Specific People

Last year, WhatsApp began developing a new privacy feature that allowed users to hide their profile images, last seen, and About information from certain persons in their contact lists. Since it was in beta, its availability was limited, but the firm has announced that it is now available to all of its users worldwide on iPhone and Android devices.

You had three privacy settings for your profile photo, last seen, and About information up to now: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. A fourth option, “My contacts except…”, is added to the mix, and it’s also accessible for Status privacy.


WhatsApp’s new privacy setting is rolling out for all

The new option, as the name implies, allows you to reveal your WhatsApp profile photo, last seen, and about information to everyone in your contacts list except those you want to omit. However, just like read receipts, if you don’t share your last seen with others, you won’t be able to see theirs either, with the exception that the latter is always on for group chats even when you have turned it off.

To test this new privacy setting, go to WhatsApp’s Settings > Account > Privacy menu on an iPhone or Android device.

In addition to a new privacy control, WhatsApp also unveiled a few additional groups calling capabilities, including the ability to mute others during a group chat and the ability to message particular people. When someone joins a group call offscreen, you’ll also see a banner.

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