A Hundred Limited Edition Nothing Phone (1) units Go Up On Auction Today

At the Ar Basel fair, Carl Pei’s latest smartphone project, Nothing, unveiled the phone (1). According to the business, the first 100 units created will be auctioned off by StockX, with all earnings going to a community-managed fund.

The auction began earlier today and will conclude in 48 hours. Only 100 devices are available, with a serial number engraved on the side of each one. You’ll need to create an account on StockX and cast a bid if you want a piece of mobile tech history.

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The bidding began at $156, but it has already increased to $2,000 (at the time of writing) and is expected to continue to rise. If you’re interested, the phone (1) page on StockX is here.

The Nothing phone (1) will be unveiled on July 12, therefore only a few features are available at this time. Even the design hasn’t been presented in its whole; only the back and sides have been seen. Of course, the point of this auction isn’t to acquire a new smartphone; it’s to gain bragging rights and draw attention to the phone (1).

The disclaimer on the StockX page is worth noting: “Nothing phone (1) is not fully supported in North America.” This is most likely a problem with supported bands, but it also shows that Nothing has no plans to launch in the United States (OnePlus is one of the few Chinese brands to gain a foothold there).

If you do intend to utilize one of these limited edition Nothing phone (1) devices, the supported carriers for each nation may be found on this page. You should also be aware that delivery could take up to 35 days, which is likely to coincide with the phone’s regular release (1).

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