Microsoft Releases A Stable Version Of Edge 103 Browser

Microsoft launched the 103.0.1264.37 stable version of the Edge browser earlier this week, adding a number of new features and fixing a number of general issues to increase the application’s stability. Among other things, the developers have enhanced security against web threats, created a tool for switching client certificates, and incorporated the option to handle automated profile switching into the browser.

The GuidedSwitchEnable policy has made it possible to control the automated switching of profiles, which is an important development. When Edge notices a personal or professional connection, the policy will once be activated, encouraging the user to switch to the proper profile.

When users browse a website that requires HTTP certificate authentication, they can erase the in-memory certificate and reopen the certificate selection window by switching client certificates. Notably, Edge can be switched between without closing it.

microsoft edge jl

Microsoft Edge 103 new features and improvements

Based on a revised Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library, Edge 103 offers enhanced web protection. Up to Edge 105’s release, corporate users will be able to use the older version of the library by using the NewSmartScreenLibraryEnable policy.

In order to search for work-related topics in the address bar, a banner still showed in the new browser. It also enables you to concentrate on your work without becoming sidetracked by other things. Users will find it simpler to search for information pertaining to their organization’s activity by using the banner; to do so, simply turn on the matching icon at the start of the address bar. The AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy can be used to enable this capability. The new features are listed here in brief.

Feature updates

  • Ability to control automatic profile switching
  • Client Certificate Switcher
  • More reliable web defense
  • Work Search Banner in the Microsoft Edge address bar

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