The 180W Thunder Charge From Infinix Will Be Available On A Flagship Device Later This Year.

This week, Infinix teased their future 180W Thunder Charge system; as of today, the firm has provided further information. The Thunder Charge, which will debut on an unnamed flagship phone later this year, is on the market now, unlike the 160W Ultra-Fast Charge system we saw last year (which was just a concept).

The goal for the new 180W charger is to get a 4,500mAh battery to 50 percent charge in under four minutes.

There will be a Furious Mode, which charges at the fastest possible rate, and a Normal mode, which is still quick but maintains cooler temperatures, similar to the Infinix Note 12 VIP.

Infinix provided in-depth information regarding the Thunder Charge mechanism. Two 8C batteries will be used, series-connected so that each can carry 90W of power. There are numerous safeguards and efficiency upgrades in the place to reduce heat generation because that is still a lot.


First, Infinix developed a multi-electrode lug design in collaboration with top battery producers, which lowers the battery’s internal resistance by more than 50%. Three charge pumps with a 99 percent conversion efficiency supply those two batteries (the best that Infinix has used so far). These measures reduce the amount of heat produced, but they are insufficient to guarantee safe operation.

111 hardware and software security features are present in the Thunder Charge system. They monitor conditions like excessive temperature, elevated voltage, electromagnetic interference, and more, and if anything goes wrong, they will stop the charging process.

There are 20 temperature sensors that keep an eye on the battery, USB port, charging chips, and other crucial areas. To prevent battery deterioration, the technology seeks to keep the phone’s temperature below 43°C.

Thunder Charge will utilize a unique encryption chip to check the legitimacy of the charging cable in order to make sure it is capable of handling the load. Other cables may be used, and the Infinix charger may be used to charge other devices; however, in those instances, the power is limited to 60W or 100W. Similar technology is used by USB Power Delivery to evaluate the capability of the cable.

The TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charging System has certified Thunder Charge. Infinix’s 180W rapid charging mechanism will be available on its first smartphones in the second part of this year.

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