Major Windows Update Is Coming In 2024, Could Be Windows 12

A new rumor from Windows Central claims that Microsoft will switch to a three-year OS release cycle, with the next update scheduled for 2024. It’s uncertain if it will be Windows 12 or a Windows 11 version number.

Microsoft will simultaneously deliver more new features to the market’s existing Windows consumers. Microsoft announced “moments”, or large features that may be seeded to current users without the need for a significant update, starting with Windows 11 22H2 (codenamed Sun Valley 2).

windows 12

Thanks to the “Moments” feature, Microsoft was able to introduce the weather button to the taskbar in Windows 11.

Microsoft supposedly had a release planned for 2023 under the codename Sun Valley 3, but that has since been shelved and is now anticipated to debut in 2024.

Instead of having to wait for the next major OS release, this new method of updating Windows would provide current users quicker access to new features while giving developers more time to test it for bugs before release.

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