MIUI 14 Is Coming! Launch Date And Details Emerge From Codebase

The release of MIUI 13 was eagerly anticipated, and while the sources point to an interim MIUI 13.5 upgrade, there is already some evidence of MIUI 14’s impending arrival. We anticipate a wide variety of leaks to appear in the future now that the doors are open. Even though MIUI 13 hasn’t yet been released for many devices, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi is already working diligently behind the scenes. While MIUI 13 is being rolled out, the business is already getting ready for the next big thing.

The staff at discovered proof of the impending upgrade. They discovered references to MIUI 14 in the software’s core after decompiling parts of the system apps. The next Xiaomi 13’s “nuwa” codename can be seen in this leak. The developers detected evidence of the MIUI 14 update after decompiling system apps. Xiaomi is reportedly testing MIUI 14 internally on both supported and unannounced devices, including the Xiaomi 13. Even if the device may not be released for a few more months, we are aware that the corporation is actively working on it and may even have functional prototypes.

MIUI Memory Extension

MIUI 14 possible release date

According to the report, Xiaomi may be preparing a surprise release of MIUI 14. According to this rumor, MIUI 13.5 won’t be released at all. Xiaomi might immediately release MIUI 14 for its smartphones. Exactly 12 years have passed since the initial release of MIUI as of August 16. Xiaomi might be planning a celebration as a result. Of course, this is only a guess at the moment. There are still a few weeks till August 16. And if the corporation actually plans to produce something, a marketing campaign will probably be launched.

Of course, at this point, it looks like little more than conjecture. Xiaomi is currently developing MIUI 14, but before a more significant release, it may stick with MIUI 13.5. We’ll keep a watch on rumors for further information about the upgrade.

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