Leaked Screenshots Reveal Rew Features In MIUI 14

Some of the planned improvements have been revealed via screenshots of what appears to be MIUI 14 that have surfaced online. The fact that this is built on Android 13 should go without saying. Here is a screenshot of development version 22.7.19. (Xiaomi uses date-based versions, so this is as fresh as it gets).

You may now rapidly copy text from documents that you’ve captured using the text recognition capability added to the Gallery app. Additionally, there is an “On this day” function that will display old pictures taken on a specific day in the past.

MIUI Memory Extension

MIUI 14 will add text recognition, On This Day features to the Gallery.

The next step in wireless audio, Bluetooth LE Audio, will be enabled. It adds a new, high-quality codec and support for Auracast broadcasting, which allows several supporting headphones to listen in on a single device acting as a sort of FM radio station. Additionally, Multi-Stream will be able to send audio to both TWS buds simultaneously (current TWS headsets have the main bud, which connects to the secondary bud) (current TWS headsets have the main bud, which connects to the secondary bud).

Additionally, MIUI 14 will have enhanced Anti-fraud protection, which will flag suspicious calls, messages, and apps.

MIUI 14 will have improved anti-fraud detection.

The updated version now has a revamped Assistant UI and will assist you in cleaning up your notification inbox. Additionally, the UI of the clock app has been improved.

MIUI 14: Removing notification clutter; New Assistant UI; New Clock app UI

According to MyDrivers, this year’s MIUI won’t be an intermediate version like the MIUI 12.5 from the previous year. Xiaomi intends to upgrade directly from MIUI 13 to 14.

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