Xiaomi Ships Over 7 Million 5G Smartphones In India

5G networks are available in numerous nations throughout the world. However, the rollout of next-generation mobile networks has not yet occurred in India, the second-largest smartphone market in the world. It is anticipated to occur before the end of the month, although there are also rumors that it may be postponed for a few weeks.

The biggest smartphone company in the nation, Xiaomi, makes a statement in advance of the region’s 5G deployment. From May 2020 to June 2022, the company claims to have shipped over 7 million 5G smartphones to India. IDC figures are cited by the company.


The Mi 10 5G was Xiaomi’s first 5G smartphone in India. Most Indians could not afford the device because it cost Rs 44,999 when it was first released. Later, the Mi 10T 5G and Mi 10T Pro 5G arrived. Only a little less expensive than the previous model.

Then, in January 2021, Xiaomi launched the year with the Mi 10i 5G, which is currently its most cost-effective 5G smartphone in the area. The price for this phone was 20,999. During its time on the market, it was one of the top-selling 5G smartphones.

With the launch of the Redmi Note 10T 5G at 13,999 in July 2021, Xiaomi further reduced the beginning price of 5G smartphones. The Poco M4 5G, which costs about Rs 10,999 in India, is now the least expensive 5G smartphone made by Xiaomi after more than a year.

However, the earliest 5G smartphones from Xiaomi and even those made by other brands only provided a small number of bands. As a result, when the networks go online, some of them might not be able to offer a suitable 5G experience. But happily, practically all of the necessary bands are present in more recent versions.

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