Podcasts Are Now Available To Twitter Users

New features are constantly being added to the social media platform Twitter. This time, the business declared the arrival of podcasts on the website, which were added to the revamped Spaces section.

“Integrating podcasts into Spaces, where audio conversations happen on Twitter, is another way we’re continuing to invest in audio creators. To do this in a simple and intuitive way that allows listeners to simply hit play and go, we started with a redesigned audio experience in the Spaces Tab”.

Twitter claims that 45% of US platform users subscribe to podcasts on a monthly basis. As a result, the platform will choose and suggest podcasts for listening based on the interests of various individuals. As a result, listeners will have access to a more specialized selection of audio content, including both live and previously aired broadcasts.


Twitter users will be able to launch podcasts in the spaces tab

“Our internal research indicates that 45% of people who use Twitter in the US also listen to podcasts monthly, so we’ll automatically suggest compelling podcasts to help people easily find and listen to the topics they want to hear more about. For example, if someone regularly interacts with Vox content on Twitter, they’ll probably see a Vox podcast in a Spaces hub”.

So, at this point, the English-speaking Twitter audience has access to podcasts. The social network software for Android and iOS smartphones allows you to add podcasts. There is no information yet on the expansion of podcast distribution on Twitter.

“Starting today, the reimagined Spaces Tab, including the addition of podcasts, will be visible to a group of global English-speaking audience on iOS and Android. Share your feedback with us to help us get it right. And keep your eyes (and ears) here for more announcements and feature releases. Designed to help you enjoy Twitter on your own terms”.

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